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Higher Power Recovery is an affiliate of Rock The Faith Radio.  You will hear Higher Power Podcasts daily on Rock The Faith Radio.  If you miss an episode, you can search our archive below to listen at any time!

Episode 1: An Agnostic’s Spiritual Journey

In this episode, you’ll meet Zach. Zach identifies as agnostic, and we seek to understand his two year recovery journey which includes involvement in AA.

Episode 1

Episode 2: A Dusty Disciple’s Recovery Journey

In this episode, you’ll meet Jeremy. Jeremy is in long term recovery from alcoholism. Jeremy has a strong Christian faith, and he’s leaned on God for many years in recovery.

Episode 2

Episode 3: A Musical Higher Power

In this episode, you’ll meet Jesse, a.k.a. Trilquiz. Jesse is a music producer who is in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Jesse is a young man who would identify as spiritual.

Episode 3

Episode 4: A Recovering Recovery Coach

In this episode, you’ll meet Vanessa who had an unconventional encounter with her higher power! She has been transformed, but not too long ago she would tell you she had no interest in a spiritual life.

Episode 4

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